четверг, 20 сентября 2012 г.

Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Live In Nashville & Louisville (2011)

Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Live In Nashville & Louisville (Sagittarius A-Star, 2011)

Arthur Doyle: tenor sax, voice
Vin Paternostro: roland 505
Ed Wilcox: percussions
Leslie Q: bass

01 - Sin
02 - Ash
03- Vanish
04 - Us
05 - Soul 

Recorded march 26 & 27, 2004 at Springwater tavern & Artswatch
"The final available rec. i have left of Arthur, unfortunatly ?! I kept it for the last since i find it a really special goody: a more intimate 4et live dates from 2004".

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понедельник, 3 сентября 2012 г.

Prezens - Slipped On A Bar. (2006)

Prezens - Slipped On A Bar. (Screwgun, 2006)

David Torn - guitar
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Craig Taborn - keyboards
Tom Rainey - drums

01 - Bar To Be (11:41)
02 - Bar To See (08:46)
03 - Bar Too, Eh (09:12)

"this live performance, from 2006, was one of the 1st in which it
became apparent (to me, anyways) that the band showed itself as a
natural ensemble effort, with its own kinda vivacity & push/pull/push;
the 4 of us, stable instabilities, steady irregularities, hyperdense
and/or empty.....
..... but, regardless:
with a strong motive to become immersed in whatever it was the damned
music seemed to want, & the freaking electric nerves of trust required
for that." David Torn, 2008


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