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Soft Mountain - Soft Mountain (2007)

Soft Mountain - Soft Mountain (2007)

Hugh Hopper - bass
Yoshida Tatsuya - drums
Hoppy Kamiyama - keyboards
Elton Dean - saxophone

01 - Soft Mountain Suite Pt. 1 (30:40)
02 - Soft Mountain Suite Pt. 2 (27:55)

As the both the name and title of this release indicate, Soft Mountain were intimately connected with Soft Machine, albeit long after the latter group had dissolved in the '70s. In August 2003, ex-Soft Machiners Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper teamed up with two Japanese musicians, keyboardist Hoppy Kamiyama and drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, to record the hour of improvised fusion that comprises this album. And it certainly is improvisation; there's just one "song" here, "Soft Mountain Suite," divided into two parts of roughly half-an-hour length each. Though improvised in the studio, the music itself won't be too surprising to longtime Soft Machine followers, being energetic, instrumental jazz-rock fusion that's more jazz than rock, blending a frenetic rhythm section with free jazz sax and electric keyboard textures. Things do get especially wild halfway through the second part of the suite, with some careening electronic effects (presumably created by the keyboardist) and wild blowing by Dean, who died just a couple years or so after this session. It's more an extension of what Soft Machine were known for than a radical departure, though as Hopper notes in his brief liner note, he and Dean welcomed the chance to be spontaneous as the group they were touring Japan with at the time (Soft Works) played a set that didn't vary much from gig to gig.

Recorded 10th August 2003 in Tokyo, Japan.

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Gnu - Suro (2003)

Gnu - Suro (2003)
  1. Peacemaker
  2. Human Oil
  3. Boneless Part 1
  4. Boneless Part 2
  5. Round 2
  6. Eonta
  7. Meteora

All music by Masahiko Okura

Masahiko Okura: alto sax, bass clarinet, bass tube, electronics
Shin-ichi Tsukamoto: electric piano, organ
Yukiya Taneishi: electric bass
Tadashi Kumada: drums
Itoken: drums

with Takumi Itoh: tenor sax (on track 5)

Recorded by Ken and a/sk at Laser Boy
Additional material recorded by Itoucha at Tanker and Mechanics Studio
Edited and mixed by Itoucha and Masahiko Okura at Tanker
Mastered by Keiichi Sugimoto
Design by Keiichi Sugimoto

Released in October 2003

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