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Synchron - Synchron (2012)

Synchron - Synchron (Sagittarius A-Star, 2012)

Faruq Z. Bey: Saxophone  
John Dana: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Ron English: Guitar
Keith Vreeland: Piano, Keyboards  
Leonard King: Drums

01 - Untitled
02 - Untitled
03 - Untitled
04 - Untitled
05 - Untitled

Lost big D eclectic jazz from the late 80's ! not much info/track titles about it ?! seems an unissued studio date who was planned for release but never happened, until now... it feauture rare appearances by members of Sphere (Vreeland/Dana) who unfortunatly released only one fantastic album back then on Strata... and Ron English who also rec. an LP for Strata under his name (but never issued on wax) and played with Lyman Woodard (drummer Leonard King was also part of the Organization), Wendell Harrison and Eddie Russ (to name a few). the most oblique rec. i ever heard from Faruq Z. Bey... that was for sure an innovative Group who sounds so unique also today... and probably even tomorrow...[label press]

Previously-unissued work from Michigan reedman Faruq Z Bey – a set that bristles with energy right from the start, and has that great 80s way of mixing in a bit of electricity with acoustic avant jazz! The style's similar to the best New York modes of the same period – with some electric bass, guitar, and keyboards used alongside Bey's saxes – but in ways that are hardly fusion at all, and which instead have this way of building strongly, in blocky formations that push the music along beautifully! A few tunes get a bit more acoustic – going for acoustic piano and bass – and titles aren't listed, but the set features five long tracks in all. (Dusty Groove America)

Recorded late 80's.


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The Lincoln Street Music Company - Inner Beckoning. Live at Depot Town (1983, 2001)

The Lincoln Street Music Company - Inner Beckoning. Live at Depot Town (Self-Released, 1983, 2001)

Faruq Z. Bey: tenor sax
Phil Lasley: alto sax
Doug Halladay: trumpet
Keith Vreeland: piano
John Dana: Bass
Danny Spencer: drums

1. Beware Blues  (Doug Halladay)
2. Rosa Crucial  (Faruq Z. Bey)
3. Suite  (Danny Spencer)
    a. Dorian
    b. Inner Beckoning
    c. Welcome

The music on this CD was recorded on a hot summer night in August, 1983 at Ypsilanti's Heritage Festival - a precursor to today's Frog Island Festival. It is a live recording, performed by some ol Detroit's finest musicians.
The Lincoln Street Music Company were the featured artists, and closing act at the festival following a day long jazz competition sponsored by WEMU. Ypsilanti's public radio station. Recently, the original 10" reels of this concert were discovered in the WEMU archives, and we are grateful to the staff at WEMU for preserving this historical concert.
The Lincoln Street Music Company is a collective of veteran Detroit jazz musicians, whose artistry is steeped in the rich tradition of Detroit jazz music: a tradition that builds on those who went before us, while pushing the boundaries of new territory. It is a tradition that is inclusive, has no racial barriers, is diverse in its approach to music and life, and has a strong spiritual foundation.
The music you are listening to on this recording reflects the varied backgrounds and experiences of the musicians in this ensemble. Each of the six members of the band brings their own unique voice to the mix: as professional musicians, composers, bandleaders, studio musicians, educators, and community activists. It is an eclectic mix of styles and musical roots that runs the gamut of blues, gospel, R&B, classical, avant garde, bebop, and fusion. which brought us to the point that we prefer not to put labels on the music!!!!
This CD is a live recording. It is unedited. What you hear is what you get!!! I've always believed that when music is played, it is in the air gone, but this simple two track stereo recording, mixed on the stage during the performance, is as close as you can get to capturing a moment in time, and the spirit of this evenings performance. It is raw, unpolished, and sometimes raggedy around the edges. But the musical energy and conversation between the musicians is apparent throughout.

Recorded live at Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, august 1983
Released in 2001, self published?

Out of print!

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