пятница, 22 июня 2012 г.

Anders Nilsson / Gerald Cleaver / Raoul Björkenheim - Kalabalik (2012)

Anders Nilsson / Gerald Cleaver / Raoul Björkenheim - Kalabalik (DMG/ARC, 2012)

Gerald Cleaver: Drums
Anders Nilsson: Electric Guitar
Raoul Björkenheim: Electric Guitar

1 - Spiraling Skies (13:07)
2 - Vortex (5:26)
3 - Incarnation (8:38)
4 - Robot Tango (13:47)
5 - Saga Raga (8:43)
6 - Descension (9:20)

Wonderful new album by two great Scandanavian guitarists (Raoul and Anders) with the propulsive Gerald Cleaver. Like the hype says below, definitely big hints of early John McLaughlin and the most exploratory bits of Jimi. Really great. Highly recommended.

"In late December of 2010, our great friend and world-trotting guitar demon Raoul Bjorkenheim, was in town for a couple of weeks. Just after Christmas, Raoul and fellow Scandinavian guitar great Anders Nilsson played a duo gig up in Harlem attended by Manny, myself and a few other informed fans. It turned out pretty well with the spirit of Jimi Hendrix - and early John McLaughlin - floating behind both guitarists. A light went on in my head! I asked Raoul and Anders to do an in-store concert on the first Sunday of 2011 at DMG with possibly additional players. They decided to ask the great percussionist Gerald Cleaver to complete this trio. The set was well attended, turned out better than any of us could have imagined, and cemented their relationship a working trio. Professionally recorded by Robert O'Hare, mixed by Robert Musso, and mastered by Mike King - we couldn't ask for better collaborators on the post-production end! The music is spectacular! Although it was completely improvised, it sounds as if there was some sort of script involved. Raoul, Anders and Gerald spin tales of wonder. It is an exciting, intense and demanding journey with incredible interplay, humorous detours and like the best of any progressive session, it completely works! It has been a few years since the last DMG/ARC release due to financial reasons, but we knew we would have to release this one. It's that FANTASTIC! Manny & me are jumping up and down with joy because we know that this disc will make y'all smile! Are you ready for Kalabalik!?! We know you are!"[waysidemusic]


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четверг, 21 июня 2012 г.

Othin Spake - The Ankh (2006)

Othin Spake - The Ankh (Rat Records, 2006)

Teun Verbruggen: drums, toys and dustbingrooves
Mauro Pawlowski: guitar and weirdness
Jozef Dumoulin: fender rhodes and effects

01 - Part 1
02 - The Poem of Hyndla
03 - Höôr
04 - Certified 31% Evil
05 - Fry
06 - The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
07 - Plastic Picollo Factory Box

Othin Spake started as a joke. Put together march 2005 by Teun Verbruggen, who got “carte blanche” at Archiduc in Brussels. Teun decided to play a complete Improvised session with the exentric guitarplayer Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS, Somnambula, Mitshubishy Jackson,…) and piano-rhodesplayer Jozef Dumoulin (Mäâk Spirit, Magic Malik, Octurn,…)
This first session (on a lousy, rainy sundayafternoon) turned into a complete musical party going from very rough soundscaping, to punk, minimal elektronic and Jazz.
It was an unbelievable event with very fresh, innovating music from three musicians who never played together before.
Immediately they were asked for Jazz-middelheim 2005, Petrol, Flanders Jazz Meeting (where they immediately became one of the most discussed bands …. “This is no Jazz!!!!!!”
Now they’re asked to Play John Zorn’s supportact at AB, Brussels and many other great things are pending.

They’re not playing pure Jazz but they call their music “emofreejazznoizesweetpunk” which comes close to what they’re bringing. Every concert is a complete discovery and a fully improvised set … so worth checking out!![cdbay]


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