пятница, 23 июля 2010 г.

"Tapes" podcast

Hello, listeners!
Thank your for musical taste! Thank you for listening to me!
Today I proudly present my weekly podcast show called "Tapes". Me and my friend mix jazz, dub, lo-fi, psychedelic, hip-hop and other exotic music. Sometimes you can here rare russian exotic tunes!
It will be nice if you like it!

Here you are an 11th podcast. Lisn ta it, matafakaz!


1. BGM — Recovery Room (Vanity Records, 1980)
2. Rammellzee — New Meaning (Tri-Eight Recordings, 2003)
3. Octavius — Monochrome (Mush, 2003)
4. Green Zone — Zulal (Disc Callithump, 2008)
5. DJ Eye — Live at The Metro, Kyoto, Japan 3/25/01 (Not On Label, 2001)
6. Internet2 — Loca academia de policía francesa (Cartilage recs, 2009)
7. Hanadensha — Seasky Rainbow (Circle Sunshine Records, 1997)
8. LSD March — Love (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007)
9. Christine 23 Onna — Mondo Nude Mode (Alchemy Records, 2009)
10. High Tone — Dirty Urban Beat (Jarring Effects, 2010)
11. The Naturists — Shaving Cream (Interactive Records, 1993)
12. Tapes — Helix Dub (Jahtari, 2009)

Gnu - Midnight Breakfast (2001)

Gnu - Midnight Breakfast (2001)

  1. Oriel (1:16)
  2. Sandcrawler (5:15)
  3. Straw People (4:07)
  4. Poster (2:21)
  5. Them (2:29)
  6. Slap Yuppie (2:01)
  7. Rubberband Soup (2:46)
  8. Round-1 (6:31)

All music by Masahiko Okura, except track 6, by Taiji Takahashi

Masahiko Okura: alto sax, bass clarinet, keyboards, electronics
Shinichi Tsukamoto: keyboards
Taiji Takahashi: bass
Itoken: drums

Recorded by A/SK and Itoken at Laser Boy in March 2000, except track 1, by Masahiko Okura at Pink Sky in August 2001
Mixed by Masahiko Okura at Pink Sky
Mastered by Itoken at Mechanics Studio
Design by cubic music
Photographs and drawings by Masahiko Okura
Produced by Gnu

Released in October 2001

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четверг, 22 июля 2010 г.

Piero Bittolo Bon Jump The Shark - Sugoi Sentai! Gattai!! (2009)

Piero Bittolo Bon Jump The Shark - Sugoi Sentai! Gattai!! (2009)


Piero Bittolo Bon: alto sax, alto clarinet (5,6,9), flute (7), melodica (5,10)
Domenico Caliri: electric guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar (8,9,11)
Pasquale Mirra: vibes, glockenspiel (1,6)
Danielo Gallo: double bass, vox bass (4,8,10), prepared piano (5), national bike pump (10)
Federico Scettri: drums

nice guests:

Alfonso Santimone: hammond organ (11)
Gillian Quinlan: voice (8)


01 - Interstellar Turkish Kung Fu
02 - Cargo Cult
03 - La Loggia Dello Storione Greco
04 - Never Let Your Hats Alone
05 - Furgonauti
06 - Requiem for Four Triassic Triops
07 - Caporetto In My Mouth
08 - Heavy Metal Miss Jones
09 - Steve Sheldon's Nightmare
10 - 20 Goto 10
11 - Mambo Ricci

If jazz is dead, if the great masters aren't as great as they used to be, if Charlie Parker and Miles Davis' music is a relic of the past, how can you explain this record? Jump the Shark!'s Sugoi Sentai! Gattai!! is the debut album of one of the scene's best talents, the venetian altoist and clarinetist Piero Bittolo Bon.

Joined by four of the most brilliant musicians from the Italian new wave of improvisers, he carries out a refreshing, thirst-quenching and vivacious work, talking about the here and now, about this strange music we still insist to call jazz. Ornette and Dolphy being his inspirations (because jazz is history, after all), Henry Threadgill his putative father, Tim Berne the inescapable touchstone. New York lays at the horizon, Chicago behind the shoulders and Venice all around.

The breaking news is that Italian jazz is alive. Jump the shark and enjoy the trip![El Galo Rojo]

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