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Alan Silva & Celestrial Communication Orchestra - Desert Mirage (1982)

Alan Silva & Celestrial Communication Orchestra - Desert Mirage (IACP, 1982)


Alan Silva: conductor
Pierre Faure: flute
Carl Schlosser: flute, piccolo
Aldridge Hansberry: flute ,alto flute
Karo: alto clarinet
Denis Colin: bass clarinet
Jean Querlier: oboe, cor anglais
Bruno Girard: violin
Pascal Morrow: violin
Didier Petit: cello
Itaru Oki: trumpet, bugle
Jeff Beer: trumpet
Serge Adam: trumpet
Bernard Vitet: trumpet
Michael Zwerin: tuba
Doménico Criseo: tuba
Francois Cotinau: tenor saxophone
Georges Gaumont: tenor saxophone
Arthur Doyle: tenor saxophone
Philippe Sellam: alto saxophone
Sébastien Franck: alto saxophone
Henri Grinberg: soprano saxophone
Antoine Mizrah: electric bass
Rosine Feferman: bass
Francis Gorge: guitar
Francois Leymarie: electric bass
Jacques Marugg: vibraphone, marimba
Adrien Bitan: vibraphone
Ron Pittner: drums
Bernard Drouillet: drums
Gilles Premel: percussion

LP 1
01 - Desert Mirage (20:06)
02 - A D N (08:20)
03 - After Coda (09:40)

LP 2
01 - February The Third (1St Part) (14:41)
02 - February The Third (2Nd Part) (09:29)
03 - Procession (10:57)

Recorded on June 25,26 & 27, 1982 at Aquarium Studio, Paris.

Rare double LP by Alan Silva and the Celestial Communication Orchestra entitled "Desert Mirage" - released in the early 80s on the French IACP label. The band includes Arthur Doyle, Itaru Oki, Bernard Vitet, Francis Gorge, Ron Pittner, and more. Great spiritual jazz or free jazz! Gatefold cover is in EX condition with just some tape at spine. These sprawling vistas - like flying and/or floating over vast sky- and landscapes. Immersed but somehow not attached. On this LP the music has sometimes a dreamlike quality (see/hear "Desert Mirage") and au contraire to his LPs on BYG the music here has a more "structured" sound. Not that I would dislike "unstructured" sounds from Alan Silva or per se...

The Silva - as ever.


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