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Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Archestra - The Reason Why Vol. 2 (2014)

 Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Archestra - The Reason Why Vol. 2 (Headspin, 2014)
Goran Kajfeš: Trumpet, Cornet, Percussion, Synthesizer
Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson: Baritone, Alto and Sopranino Saxophone, Clarinet, Flutes
Jonas Kullhammar: Tenor and Soprillo Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Jesper Nordenström: Organ, Upright Piano, Synthesizer, Omnichord
Andreas Söderström: Acoustic, Electric and Lapsteel Guitar
Reine Fiske: Electric Guitar, Mellotron
Robert Östlund: Electric Guitar, Sytnthesizer
Johan Berthling: Electric and Acoustic Bass
Johan Holmegard: Drums, Percussion
José Gonzáles: Voice

01 - Dokuz Seki/Esmerim
02 - Adimiz Miskindir Bizim
03 - New Track
04 - A Lua Girou
05 - Tamzara
06 - Yet Again

It is impossible to guess where Sweden's most innovative musicians will take us when he releases the new album, but one can always be sure to have a fantastic musical adventure. Here he begins with a few covers of Turkish psychfunk from the early 70s, and it he finds a groove that beats most of what he has done before. Reine Fiske electric guitar flippers away somewhere where no electric guitar found since 1972, and Goran Kajfeš self shines when he says Ulf Adåkers mission channeling Miles most exquisite funky tones in entirely new ways. Like the mixture arkestern spoiled us with volume one, we then both Armenian folk music and Brazilian influences, in a subtly beautiful interpretation of Milton Nascimentoz "A Lua Girou". Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra excel themselves, and it is thus mixed beautifully and ridiculously captivating both jazznovisen as connoisseur in the audience must cheer. [Nöjesguiden]


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Highly recommended! This tune is already nominated to swedish Grammy! One of the best album in 2014!

And you can find "The Reason Why Vol. 1" right here!

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The Auanders - Live In Pisa (2013)

The Auanders - Live In Pisa (Auand, 2013)
Francesco Lento: trumpet
Gaetano Partipilo: alto sax, flute
Francesco Bearzatti: tenor sax, clarinet
Francesco Bigoni: tenor sax, clarinet
Beppe Scardino: baritone sax, bass clarinet
Federico Pierantoni: trombone
Francesco Diodati: guitar
Francesco Ponticelli: double bass, electric bass
Ermanno Baron: drums

01 - Loop Bed
02 - Congo
03 - A Quarries Lamp
04 - Trumpet Garden / Erba
05 - Circle
06 - Joy Plant
07 - Leica Lenses
08 - Virus
09 - Hit

This is a co-production with the Jazzit label as well as a part Auand all-star unit. The members who are leaders of their own include: Partipilo, Bigoni, Scardino and Bearzatti, five of the members have contributed songs to this long (73+ minute) effort. Considering that this is a nine-piece ensemble with four sax players, this is more of a focused group effort with well written pieces. The opening song, “Loop Bed” is a lovely, laid back song, a righteous beginning. “Congo” features layers of Latin-sounding percussion with impressive horn arrangements and some great solos from the bari sax (Scardino), trumpet (Lento) and trombone (Pierantoni). Writing for a nine-piece unit is no easy matter as each piece provides different structures, harmonies and challenges. There are a handful of freer sections amongst the more written pieces, which seem to fit the overall story which holds this together. There a couple of more mellow pieces which feature some exquisite arrangements and elegant solos as well. [DMG Newsletter]


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