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Florentijn - Lapbop (2004)

Florentijn - Lapbop (This Is Not A Dub Recording, 2004)

Florentijn Boddendijk: laptop

9 unnamed compositions

"Lapbop" is 9 classical jazz compositions from Duke Ellington to Miles Davis microscopically smeared by laptop. Crazy and wildly funny glitch that often mix standards into something new, sometimes even more powerful that we now.

"Amazing release by Floretijn Boddendijk. Who's that? He is a classical composer from The Hague who writes music pieces for orchestras but also is experimenting with electronica and jazz. He played us some old experiments he made years and years ago and we where stunned! He remixed /re-edited some old jazz tracks (like Dizzy Gillespie's 'A Night in Tunesia', Miles Davis's 'Milestones', Paul Desmond's 'Take Five', Wayne Shorter's 'Nefertiti' and others) in a way only Laptop producers edit their music... he did record all these mixes on tape and made the edits with cutting and looping tape and the result is even more crazy then Otto von Schirach's Laptop experiments (especially if you consider they are more then 10 years old!!). Florintintin (as he named himself for this project) made an additional couple of tracks on his Laptop..but we can not tell the difference between the new tracks and the older ones. This is a mini album with 9 pieces of music which probably sound familiar...but then you notice the twist." [Forced Exposure]

This record is an exception, without which you would never actually never will.

Very special expirience!

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